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Computer Cafe expands to Santa Monica

Computer Cafe has opened a full service animation studio in Santa Monica,California. The 1400 square foot site, in the heart of Santa Monica's mediadistrict, will be staffed by art director/digital artist Ron Honn, who isrelocating from the company's Santa Maria headquarters, and producerJonathan Stone, who joins the company from Saban Entertainment. Artistsfrom the Santa Maria facility will staff up the Santa Monica studio on aproject basis, and the company will also staff the new site with localtalent. Computer Cafe specializes in 3D animation for feature films,commercials, broadcast promos, music videos and other media. Honn has beenwith Computer Cafe since shortly after the company was formed in 1993. Hisexperience runs from the films such as ARMAGEDDON and FLUBBER to televisionpromos, commercials and music videos. Among his recent credits are a seriesof promos for NBC and TNN . He also art directed a McDonald's logo for anew series of commercials. Stone, who has already produced several projectsfor Computer Cafe, most recently effects for a Wendy's spot, comes toComputer Cafe with a background in commercials, episodic television andcorporate media. He joins the team after four years with SabanEntertainment where he coordinated post production on four differenteffects-oriented television series. Previously, he was a partner with a LosAngeles-based commercial production company where he co-produced spots forCohen-Johnson and other Southern California advertising agencies. The newstudio is located at is located at 715 Broadway, Ste. 310, Santa Monica,California, USA.