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Coming soon to a VCR near you

Disney's 36th animated feature, "Mulan," is released on video on February 2 at $26.99. It will receive a simultaneous release in Disney's Spanish-language collection, Disney En Espanol. As a special bonus, the video will feature an exclusive five-minute behind-the-scenes look at Walt Disney Pictures' upcoming animated film, "Tarzan." DreamWorks will release "Antz" on home video on February 9 only four months after its theatrical release at $26.98. On February 23, Walt Disney Home Video releases the all-new video "Sing a Song with Pooh Bear" which is Winnie the Pooh's first-ever sing along musical. The $14.99 video will be accompanied by 13 other Winnie the Pooh video favorites re-released throughout the spring at $12.99 each as part of Disney's 1999 Easter collection. On March 23, Disney's "Mighty Joe Young" arrives on video and DVD priced at $24.99 and $26.99 respectively. Paramount's "The Rugrats Movie" comes to VHS ($26.95) and DVD on March 30. Nickelodeon is also launching VHS episodes of their newest animated series, "CatDog," on the same date through Paramount Home Video. Disney's most anticipated video release is surely "A Bug's Life," which slithers onto video on April 20. Priced at $26.99 on VHS and $34.99 on DVD, the film comes in four different collector boxes, and includes Pixar's Oscar-winning short "Geri's Game," plus both sets of theatrical outtakes. The release also marks the first time a film has been digitally transferred directly from the original computer image source, rather than the standard film-to-tape transfer process. This means that both the VHS and DVD versions will have full-frame formatting with no image cropping. Anime fans can look forward to two April 6 releases from Central Park Media: "The Slayers Next: The Sudden Pinch" ($19.99, dubbed and subtitled) and "Patlabor: The Mobile Police - The TV Series, Volume 5" ($29.99, subtitled). Also on April 6, Central Park Media's Anime 18 line releases the erotic thriller "Twin Angels: Volume 4" ($29.99, dubbed) and "Twin Angels Collector's Boxed Set" ($99.99, dubbed), which contains all four dubbed volumes of the series.