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Comedy Central Orders Ugly Americans, Foxx Toon & More

Comedy Central has announced its 2009-2010 development slate, which includes a seven-episode order for the animated series UGLY AMERICANS. Developed and exec produced by David Stern (THE SIMPSONS), UGLY AMERICANS (working title) is a half-hour animated series based on an original idea by illustrator Devin Clark, who will serve as a producer. UGLY AMERICANS takes place in an alternate universe New York City where creatures from horror, fantasy and science-fiction live among us as ordinary citizens. Mark Lilly, a human social worker for the Department of Immigration, helps new citizens, both human and fantastic, adapt to life in the Big Apple. When he's not helping warlocks, land-whales, vampires and man-birds adjust to human society, Mark is trying to keep his own life in check. Unfortunately, his zombie roommate, wizard boss and demon girlfriend can't always be relied upon for help. Dan Powell is the executive in charge of production for Comedy Central.

Descriptions of all 2009-2010 development projects follow. GHOST/ALIENSA cast-contingent pilot written by Phil Johnston, "Ghosts/Aliens" centers on Trey Hamburger and his loyal best friend, Mike Stevens - a couple of regular reefer-loving guys living the good life in Leonard, Michigan, until everything goes awry. "Ghosts/Aliens" follows Trey and Mike's quest to expose the truth about the existence of ghosts and aliens and is executive produced by Scott Aversano and Phil Johnston.

Jamie Foxx Animated ProjectOscar-winner, Jamie Foxx, stars in this half-hour animated comedy loosely based on his Sirius/XM satellite radio program, THE FOXXHOLE. Foxx and his tight-knit crew of comedian buddies convene weekly at THE FOXXHOLE to discuss everything from politics to music to STDs. The series will also follow Foxx's whirlwind life as an A-list star and his crew's attempts to define their own careers. Foxx and Marcus King will executive produce and Lance Crouther will write the pilot.

GYPSY CABAn animated show featuring 30 ROCK star Judah Friedlander as a wacked out gypsy cab driver whose great ambition in life is to top everyone around him. His hat simply reads, #1. When Judah's not scheming to get his real cab license, he roams the streets of Manhattan picking up celeb fares like Sarah Silverman, Jim Gaffigan, John Mayer and Dave Attell. Monologues will be delivered from the back seat, DR. KATZ, PROFESSIONAL THERAPIST style. Friedlander's totally outrageous stand-up voice will be laced throughout. GYPSY CAB is written and created by Jordan Rubin. (CRANK YANKERS, THE MAN SHOW).

THE INVADERSTEINSOne year ago, aliens invaded Earth. The invasion was swift and brutal. Most major cities were destroyed. Millions died. But mankind pulled itself up by its bootstraps and fought back. Alien motherships fell from the skies and plowed into the world's most recognizable skylines. After their defeat, the aliens retreated in shame, except for one family - The Invadersteins. This animated project comes to Comedy Central from Dan Vebber (FUTURAMA, AMERICAN DAD) and Avalon Television.

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