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(Colossal) adds 2 directors

San Francisco-based animation studio (Colossal) Pictures has signed two new directors to its roster: Jim Matison and Flavio (Kampah). Matison, based in San Francisco, has been a freelance director for the past five years, working with SGI, Mondo Media, Protozoa, Wild Brain and Nickelodeon. He previously worked with (Colossal) starting in 1989 as a staff production artist, and went on to direct Crazy Daisy Ed, a stop-motion segment on Liquid TV, as well as several music videos and commercials. Flavio (Kampah), based in Los Angeles, is a designer who has worked in the fashion industry before joining the agency, Pittard Sullivan. He is now creative director of his own company, Visionaires. Other directors on (Colossal)s roster are Drew Takahashi, George Evelyn, Charlie Canfield, Tom Rubalcava, Margeigh Joy, John Kricfalusi, Chuck Gammage and Lidia Pryzluska.