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Clone High Causes Controversy

The new animated series CLONE HIGH, which airs on MTV in the U.S., is already causing controversy, but not with activists who oppose human cloning, rather with the people of India, who object to the series' depiction of independence leader Mohandas K. Gandhi. According to an AP report, MTV has apologized to the people of India for lampooning Gandhi on the series, which features cloned historical figures and celebrities as high school students facing the pressures of being modern teenagers while attempting to live up to the legacy of their DNA donors. In a faxed statement to news media, MTV said: "MTV US apologizes if we have offended the people of India and the memory of Mahatma Gandhi." Although CLONE HIGH has not been aired in India, the MTV Website carries a picture and description of the Gandhi clone, proclaiming his nickname as "DNA Dan" and listing among his activities eating "extreme" food products, rapping and "being the ultimate party animal." This depiction of India's revered leader did not sit well with many people in the country, and over a hundred activists fasted at Gandhi's memorial to show their opposition to the show. The MTV statement went on to say: "MTV US wants to make it clear that CLONE HIGH was created and intended for an American audience. We recognize and respect that various cultures may view this programming differently, and we regret any offense taken by the content in the show."