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The Clayton Brothers Go Looking for Bliss

Culver City creative studio, SALT, was tagged to bring still art to life, starting with the work of ethereal duo, The Clayton Brothers. The spot was created for alternative sports programmer FUEL TV.

"When FUEL TV gave us the go ahead to work with Rob and Christian, we couldn't have been happier," said SALT creative director, Ian Douglass. "And when we started brainstorming animation possibilities with [the Clayton Brothers], we immediately agreed on an animation style and pacing that seemed like the most natural extension of the still work."

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"Rob and Christian have a way of taking all of these images that we recognize as part of our everyday world and giving them a whole new meaning," said FUEL TV's Creative Director Todd Dever. "The Clayton Brothers' approach to collaborative painting is symbiotic and organic with one brother beginning a painting then handing it off to the other for his interpretation. The end result has been described as 'like viewing every frame of a film simultaneously."

SALT was formed in 2005 by a group of artists who shared a passion for doing great work. SALT now caters to TV and commercial clients alike by providing direction, design, vfx, and editorial on a wide variety of projects. Check out the site at


Artwork: Rob and Christian ClaytonDirector: SALTCreative Director: Ian DouglassAnimation: Victor Duncan, Shell Blevins, Ian DouglassIllustration: Aaron MilusProducer: Paul AndraosMusic: Daniel JohnstonSound Design: Polar Empire, Darrin Wiener