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Classic Marvel and Woody Woodpecker Coming to Fox Kids Latin America

Fox Kids Latin America, the pan-regional children's channel, will be airing a series of special animation viewer packages in June, 2001, including "Insomnio," a late-night block of both animation and live-action classic television series, as well as "Digithon," a special marathon screening of every episode of the hit "Digimon" anime series. "Insomnio," which debuts on June 11, will showcase everything from the best of Marvel animation series to classic WOODY WOODPECKER cartoons. The block is comprised of episodes from Marvel Comic's animated FANTASTIC FOUR, CLASSIC IRON MAN, THE INCREDIBLE HULK, SPIDERMAN AND HIS AMAZING FRIENDS and SPIDERWOMAN series as well as the Stan Lee animation series, X-MEN. Also included will be episodes of ANGELA ANACONDA, MEGA BABIES, OGGY AND THE COCKROACHES and Steven Spielberg's TOONSYLVANIA. On June 12, the channel will air special Valentines Day love episodes of ALEX MACK, BOBBY'S WORLD, SHIRLEY HOLMES, EERIE, INDIANA, SUPER PIG and POWER RANGERS exclusively on the Fox Kids Latin America's Portuguese feed. Marvel Comic's animated series THE MIGHTY THOR will debut on June 13, with ROBOCOP scheduled to debut on June 14. Each of the series will be followed by classic episodes of the 1960s hit series BATMAN, starring Adam West and Burt Ward. A special Digithon will begin on Saturday, June 23, with the network airing every episode over a 13 and a half-hour period.

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