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Cineware by Maxon Unity Plug-in Now Available

New plug-in provides seamless integration with Cinema 4D, providing easy real-time creation of models and animations.

FRIEDRICHSDORF, GERMANY Maxon has announced that it is now a Unity Technologies verified solutions partner and is distributing a plug-in for Unity called Cineware by Maxon. The new plug-in provides developers and creatives with integration of Cinema 4D, allowing the easy creation of models and animations for use in real-time 3D (RT3D), interactive 2D, 3D, VR, and AR experiences. The plug-in is available free-of-charge on the Unity Asset Store.

Cineware is compatible with Cinema 4D Release 21, the latest version of the software, and Unity’s latest release, 2019.3. It does not require a Cinema 4D license if Cinema 4D scenes have been “saved for Cineware.” By default, imported assets will appear relative to the asset folder or imported asset. The plug-in also supports user-defined folder hierarchies.

“Real-time workflows have become increasingly important,” commented Maxon CEO, David McGavran. “Our new Cineware by Maxon plug-in ensures an efficient, production-friendly method of importing Cinema 4D assets into Unity for developing immersive content.”

Cineware by Maxon Feature Highlights

Cineware by Maxon currently supports:

Geometry including:

  • Vertex Position, Normals, UV, Skinning Weight, Color
  • Skin and Binding Rig
  • Pose Morphs as Blend Shapes
  • Lightmap UV2 Generation on Import

Materials including:

  • PBR Reflectance Channel Materials conversion
  • Albedo/Metal/Rough
  • Normal Map
  • Bump Map
  • Emission

Animated Materials:

  • Color including Transparency
  • Metalness
  • Roughness
  • Emission Intensity, Color
  • Alpha Cutout Threshold

Cineware by Maxon supports the option of not reimporting materials, as imported materials are automatically reassigned to updated geometry.

Lighting including:

  • Spot, Directional, Point
  • Animated properties supported:
  • Cone
  • Intensity
  • Color

Cameras including:

  • Animated properties
  • Field of Vision (FOV)

The Cineware by Maxon plug-in is available at no cost for macOS and Windows on the Unity Asset Store.

Source: Maxon