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CineMiniature Pictures Creates Rankin/Bass-Inspired Video for The Kickback

Chicago animators David Wall and Lauren Travers of CineMiniature Pictures deliver a hyper-imaginative stop-motion animated video Inspired by the style of classic 1960s Claymation.

The Kickback has released a stop-motion animated video for its new single, “Fanger,” off of the indie rock band’s critically acclaimed album, Sorry All Over the Place.

Crafted by the talents of Chicago animators David Wall and Lauren Travers of CineMiniature Pictures, the hyper-imaginative video about living with fear and anger utilizes Claymation techniques. Comprised of more than 2,500 photographs, the video took upwards of six months to complete from initial storyboards and puppet construction to editing and post.

Inspired by the style of classic 1960s Claymation, Wall and Travers added their own chaotic twist to their designs and storyboards, and then started creating props and puppets. “Everything in the video was either crafted by hand or repurposed from old toys we scavenged,” Wall recounts. “Our house quickly became packed with miniatures and dolls.”

In order to provide a more cinematic feel, the duo opted to employ as much camera movement as possible throughout the video in addition to manipulating the characters themselves. “A lot of the video utilized green screen in order to give a bigger sense of scope, such as in the underwater and outer space scenes,” Wall says. “All the characters were given their own personalities based on the on-stage personas of their real life counterparts.”

“I'm amazed at what David and Lauren were able to actualize with what is essentially a song about being scared all of the time,” comments Billy Yost, lead singer of The Kickback. “The video includes so many of those things that made those Rankin/Bass holiday specials memorable to me: genuine emotion mixed with sometimes unbearable sadness. They really helped embody everything I've wanted this band to be, which is kind of dance music for sad people determined not to be.”

Source: The Kickback

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