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Chromebook’s ‘The Adulthood’ Teaches Gen Z to Grow Up

New animated series aims to ease the process of growing up by offering advice on finance, identity, dating, entrepreneurship, mental health, and environmentalism.

Ever wish there was a guidebook on “adulting?” Thanks to Chromebook’s groundbreaking animated series The Adulthood, now there is! The series features real conversations about important and often overlooked topics surrounding the process of becoming a self-sufficient adult. Adulthood aims to help the next generation bridge the gap of growing up, featuring Gen Z thought leaders speaking about topics such as finance, identity, dating, entrepreneurship, mental health, and environmentalism. Each episode even includes an interactive component for viewers to take a deeper dive into the topics. 

The newest episodes, created by Arts & Letters Creative Co. and Friends Electric, are live this week and feature both environmentalist Xiuhtezcatl Martinez and YouTube personality/LGBTQ advocate Trevi Moran. 

Xiuhtezcatl shares the story of his journey into environmental activism at the tender age of six, then dives deep into the fight between age-old systems of climate control and the new era of activists empowered by technology. 

Moran opens up about the defining moments that led her to embark on the journey of transitioning her gender identity from male to female. She then shines a light on her addiction struggles and how she untangled it all through sobriety, online research, and support systems. 

Previous Adulthood episodes:

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  • Rico Nasty on How to Get Your Mind Right

With their widespread presence in schools, Chromebook has been a crucial part of helping Gen Z navigate their education, and now, the transition into adulthood.

Find all episodes of The Adulthood on Chromebook’s YouTube Channel.

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