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Chris Wedge Looking for a Few Good Leaf Men

Director Chris Wedge (ROBOTS and ICE AGE) is collaborating once again with childrens author/production designer William Joyce (ROBOTS) on an adaptation of Joyces illustrated book, THE LEAF MEN AND THE BRAVE GOOD BUGS, reports THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER. Wedges New York-based Blue Sky Studios would produce the 3D-animated feature in conjunction with Twentieth Century Fox Animation.

LEAF MEN, which is being adapted by Joyce and Jim V. Hart, concerns a troop of doodle bugs that tries to save an elderly womans garden from ruin from an evil spider by calling upon the Leaf Men, gardeners of a grand and elfin sort. Joyce and Hart would exec produce, with Joyce production designing, as he did on ROBOTS.

Walt Disney Feature Animations MEET THE ROBINSONS (March 30, 2007) is the next big screen Joyce adaptation.

Fox/Blue Sky is currently working on an animated adaptation of Dr. Seuss HORTON HEARS A WHO, directed by Jimmy Hayward and Steve Martino and produced by Wedge.

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