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Chris Prynoski Directs Musical Inspired MTV Movie Awards Open

MTV Animation alum Chris Prynoski went back to his roots by once again creating a stylish opening sequence for the 2002 MTV Movie Awards. The show was produced by Austin Reading and executive produced by Joel Gallen of Tenth Planet. MTV commissioned Prynoski and his company, Titmouse Inc., to produce this year's Awards Show open after Titmouse delivered a successful graphics package for last year's show. Inspired by the style of 1930's Busby Berkeley musicals, Prynoski, artist Anthony Cupo and the rest of the creative team incorporated the live-action footage from the nominee sequences with design elements that mimicked movie posters of Berkeley's era. They then hand-painted the final live-action freeze frame to create a graphic quality. For the opening sequence, they shot live models and stills, then treated it in the same manner as the nominee sequences, using PhotoShop, After Effects and Commotion. Happy with the outcome, Prynoski said, "Even though it was based on musicals of the '30s and '40s, the look is very much young, fresh and original." Titmouse just signed a deal with The Synthajoy Corporation to direct an animated feature film based on the Hasbro game, GAMMA WORLD.