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Chris Landreth : Psychorealism and 3D Animation

Chris Landreth : Psychorealism and 3D Animation : Moving Beyond the Uncanny ValleySydney, AustraliaJuly 2, 2009

Oscar winning animation director Chris Landreth is one of the true legends of the contemporary creative animation scene, Landreth has been at the absolute forefront of computer animation development for a decade. His films -- THE END, BINGO and RYAN -- represented groundbreaking leaps in pushing technology to its limits to show the breadth of what animation was capable of depicting on the screen. Landreth was nominated for an Academy Award for THE END, with RYAN winning the Oscar for Best Short Animation in 2005.

This seminar presentation will go beyond Landreth's films and provide insight into his successful marriage of creativity and technology. Landreth will talk about "Psychorealism", the use of art and animation to depict the realism of one's emotional and spiritual state. He explores the "Uncanny Valley" (the "creepy" effect experienced when CGI characters are too realistic, leading to a feeling of revulsion in the viewer) and how his latest film THE SPINE attempts to avoid this problem. He also shows how his animators used a Method-acting approach to nick subtle gestures, ticks, and micro-expressions in their characters' faces and bodies, and explains how his crew balanced realism and stylization to create characters who are Uncanny in a positive way. Landreth's talk will be followed by a Q&A.

University of Technology, SydneyFaculty of Design, Architecture and Building,3rd Floor, Lecture Theatre 322702 - 730 Harris Street ( next to the ABC)Cost : Free5 p.m. to 6:30 p.m.



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