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Chorion Creates $15M CGI Noddy Series

London-based rights holder Chorion is launching a new 3D animated childrens series entitled MAKE WAY FOR NODDY. Based on author Enid Blytons books, NODDY follows the Toyland gang as they try to teach children social values and simple life lessons. The NODDY books have sold over 200 million copies in forty languages worldwide. Chorion has commissioned Los Angeles-based SD Entertainment to produce the series, which will combine 2D and 3D animation. SD Entertainment is the animation house formed by former MGM Animation executives Paul Sabella and Jonathan Dern. The budget for the show is set at US$15 million for 100 10-minute episodes. Nicholas James, managing director of the intellectual properties division of Chorion, said, "The new animated MAKE WAY FOR NODDY production is an integral part of our extensive development plan for our very strong portfolio of great stories and characters. Chorion is extremely strong in the area of publishing, where our properties sell over 7 million books per year worldwide. We are now focused on adding further value to these properties with the introduction of more television, video and merchandising activities."

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