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China Slashes Cartoon Imports’ Airtime

The Chinese Administration of Radio, Film and Television has instituted a new regulation cutting the airtime of imported cartoons. Starting on June 1, TV networks in China must air six Chinese toons for every four imported ones. Before the new rule two-thirds of the cartoons broadcast in China were from foreign soil and with their domestic production only reaching 6,000 minutes (roughly 272 twenty-two-minute episodes) a year there is little for Chinese programming to choose from. Ren Qian, the program director of the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television, said in the HOLLYWOOD REPORTER, that the restraints were instituted to "defend our national animation industry and offset the impact of foreign culture on our younger generations." This new development isnt necessarily a gold mine for Chinese animation companies though because there is a lack of funding. The entire animation industry in China only spends around US$7.23 million a year on new products, whereas Disneys DINOSAUR alone cost $200 million by conservative estimates.

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