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Chilemonos Animation Fest Issues 2015 Call for Entries

International Animation Festival Chilemonos premieres a new image and opens a call for entries for the 2015 edition, taking place May 5-10.

International Animation Festival Chilemonos will be held for the fourth consecutive year. This celebration will begin in May 5th through May 10th, with six days dedicated to animation that will be marked by the presence of renowned guests from United States, Canada, Spain, Argentina and Brazil.

In the hopes of continue to be a space for meeting and diffusion for animators worldwide, Chilemonos has officially named Brazil as the focus country for the 2015 edition. Brazil has many years of trajectory in animation and is one of the most developed industries in Latin America.

Under this scenario and the current existence of a co production agreement between Chile and Brazil, Chilemonos will count with the presence of the most distinguished Brazilian producers and directors, including Ale Abreu (The Boy and The World) and Luiz Bolognesi (A Story of Love and Fury), both winners of Annecy Festival.

In this new version, Chilemonos Festival will showcase its new image, created by Chilean artist Tomas Ives. This illustration aim to synthesize the identity and history of Chile and represent it through a character that transforms itself into a cultural collage of the country. “It’s like a guy who wonders across the streets and is finding pieces of Chilean identity: aymara pieces, mapuche pieces, selknam pieces, rapa nui”, explains the artist.

Tomas Ives is the first Chilean artist who takes the task of creating the official image of the Festival. In regards of this collaboration, Ives said that this is the first time he works with Chilemonos and that for him is a window of opportunity to a bigger market: “It’s like a branding that in the end is bigger than you. It’s a Festival, it gets to people, the image will be seen in badges, catalogs, etc. It’s something much more bigger than yourself”.

The participation of worldwide renowned animation personalities and institutions, and the alliances with people of the Latin-American industry, along with success of the previous editions, searches for the definite positioning of the Fourth International Animation Festival Chilemonos.

In its new edition, Chilemonos opens two new categories in competition: Ibero-American Animated Feature Film Competition, and Latin American Animated Web Series Competition. According to Erwin Gómez, artistic director of the festival, these two new categories come to consecrate the fast evolution that the festival has shown in its three years of development: “To open new competitions, in that sense, is what was missing, it’s like entering a state of maturation”.

In Its fourth version, animators worldwide would be able to postulate their work in the eight categories in competition:

  • Ibero-American Animated Feature Film Competition
  • International Animated Short Film Competition
  • Latin American Animated Short Film Competition
  • International Experimental Animated Short Film Competition
  • International School Animated Short Film Competition
  • Chilean School Animated Short Film Competition
  • Latin American Animated Series Competition
  • Latin American Animated Web Series Competition

The postulation process began the 15 of October, in all eight categories; the call for entries will be open till January 5th 2015, before 12:00 hrs. Continental Chile (GMT -4). The applications will be received through the official website of Chilemonos.

The fast growth of the meeting in only three versions, assures the big projections for its coming editions, with emphasis in the positioning in Latin America. “The interesting aspect of the fourth edition is that it begins to become a festival with deep impact in Latin America. In its origins we made this meeting with Chile in mind and sudden the Festival begins to have a role inside the Latin American circuit”, explains Erwin Gómez.

The past version of Chilemonos managed the convocation of 52 countries in the international competition, with over 364 short films, almost four times more than 2013. The success achieved by Chilemonos 2014, bet that the call will continue to rise in its next edition.  

Source: International Film Festival Chilemonos

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