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Check Out Pixomondo’s ‘What is Virtual Production’ Tutorial

With their new Toronto virtual production stage up and running, the studio has released a quick and entertaining guide to illustrate some virtual production basics.

Remember back in October when AWN shared that award-winning VFX company Pixomondo had announced construction on one of Canada’s first virtual production studios in Toronto, scheduled for completion by the end of 2020? Well, the facility is now up and operating in full swing, and the folks at the studio have produced an amusing new tutorial about virtual production, complete with an elephant, knight in shining armor, and gritty cowboy, to showcase some of the technology.

With modular smart stage offerings that includes multiple layouts, equipped with on-set PXO personnel for productions using the company’s 3D environment creation services, the new facility integrates technology from partners including Unreal Engine from Epic Games, LED manufacturer ROE Visual, and Nvidia to provide entertainment producers the latest in virtual production capabilities.

Source: Pixomondo

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