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Charged Teams With Nickelodeon To Produce Studio ID

Brooklyn, New York-based animation company Charged Productions has teamed with Nickelodeon to produce a studio ID to introduce Nickelodeon's latest feature film, THE WILD THORNBERRYS MOVIE. The 15-second ID, "Dog Nose," features the antics of a 3-foot tall puppy puppet filmed in stop-motion. The seeking snout of the animated pup sniffs the camera, until the Nickelodeon Movies logo is revealed. The ID ends with the playful pooch licking the lens. The spot is also being used as a channel identification logo on-air. Producer Alex Cohn said, "We looked at every possible scenario live-action, CGI, stop-motion, but ended up going with stop-motion because we wanted it to have a very organic feel. And knowing it would be seen on the big screen, we had to shoot and finish on film." Charged director of animation Adam Pierce worked closely with director Basia Grocholski of 280 Design. This is the first collaboration of Charged and 280, which has led to the creation of a half-hour animated TV pilot for VH-1, currently under review. Charged has a two-year history of creating animation work for the entertainment industry and recently has produced several high profile projects including the animated Thanksgiving segment on FOX's THE BERNIE MAC SHOW.