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Chaos Releases V-Ray 6 for 3ds Max – Update 2

New MaterialX and USD Support, faster workflows, and V-Ray GPU updates and enhancements allow artists to complete their USD pipeline with smooth photoreal rendering across teams and tools in real-time. 

Chaos has launched V-Ray 6 for 3ds Max, update 2, with new and enhanced support for popular VFX file standards. New support for MaterialX allows artists to complete their USD pipeline, enabling smooth rendering and shader exchanges across teams and tools.

The update continues a USD/V-Ray development process that began with the release of V-Ray 5 for Houdini and Maya in 2021. Since then, Chaos has embraced the standard, so artists can easily share and dynamically update assets while using its Academy Award-winning ray tracing technology.

Additional features and improvements include:

Faster Workflows

  • Chaos Cloud One-Click Submit — Users can access Chaos Cloud rendering with a click without leaving 3ds Max or waiting for a scene to export.
  • Faster .vrscene Exports — Get up to 20x faster exports and considerably smaller file sizes on scenes with immense scattering data. This improvement also accelerates V-Ray GPU’s time to the first pixel.
  • Unified V-Ray Lister for 3ds Max — All lights and cameras can now be managed from a single location. An enhanced user interface helps users explore new features for bulk adjustments, filtering, and searching.

V-Ray GPU Updates

  • V-Ray Enmesh — Create complex geometric patterns over object surfaces to make detailed panels, fences, and fabrics in an automated and memory-efficient way.
  • Faster Animation Rendering — Render Image sequences up to 4x faster, accelerating everything from AEC marketing to high-end visual effects, as V-Ray GPU now caches bitmaps between frames.

More Realistic Scattering

  • Groups Hierarchy — In Chaos Scatter, users can distribute multiple objects in a group or hierarchy with just a few clicks.
  • Altitude Variance — Users can control object distribution based on surface height to help achieve natural altitude variances for vegetation.
  • Scatter Orientation — Scattered item orientation is adjustable by rotating away or toward a selected object for added realism and control.

V-Ray Frame Buffer (VFB) Improvements

  • Chromatic Aberration — New post-effect helps artists explore distinctive looks and color fringing directly within the VFB, without a third-party application.
  • Custom Background Color — Color corrections include a solid background option, removing the need to load an image.


  • IES Light Models in Chaos Cosmos — The expanding library of ready-to-render assets helps artists import 3D light models, including IES profiles, in a few clicks. Interior illumination is faster than before.

For additional information, visit V-Ray 6 for 3ds Max’s “What’s New” page.

Source: Chaos 

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