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Chaos Group Boosts Rendering Solutions for Cinema 4D

Developer of Award-winning ray-tracing technology announces acquisition of V-Ray for Cinema 4D, plans for Corona for Cinema 4D.

‘Robots’ by Daniel Sian created using V-Ray for Cinema 4D.

FRANKFURT, Germany -- This week, at the Maxon Supermeet 2018 event held on Thursday, Chaos Group announced its plans to officially support the Cinema 4D community with two rendering products: V-Ray for Cinema 4D and Corona for Cinema 4D. Based on V-Ray’s Academy Award-winning ray-tracing technology, the development of V-Ray for Cinema 4D will be focused on powerful production rendering for high-end visual effects and motion graphics. Corona for Cinema 4D will focus on artist-friendly design visualization.

Chaos Group has acquired the V-Ray for Cinema 4D product from LAUBlab and starting this week, will offer current customers free migration to a new update, V-Ray 3.7 for Cinema 4D. All users who move to the new version will receive a free V-Ray for Cinema 4D license, including all product updates, through January 15, 2020. Moving forward, Chaos Group will be providing all support, sales and product development in-house.

“The Cinema 4D community creates amazing work and deserves the best tools available, which makes it incredibly exciting to say that we are going to officially support them with two Chaos Group products,” said Chaos Group CEO Peter Mitev. “We are looking forward to working closely with the Maxon team and users to address all of their rendering needs.”

Factory Interior by Zaha Hadid for Slashcube created using Corona C4D.

In addition to ongoing improvements to V-Ray for Cinema 4D, Chaos Group also released the Corona for Cinema 4D beta 2 at Supermeet, with the final product to follow in January 2019. Corona for Cinema 4D has been gaining popularity among design visualization specialists looking to leverage fast and intuitive rendering. Beta users have been especially impressed with its thorough integration, ease of use, fluid interactive rendering and powerful material editing using its own node editor. For more information about Corona for Cinema 4D beta 2, visit Render Legion’s blog.

“We are pleased that Chaos Group has fully embraced the Cinema 4D ecosystem,” said Maxon chief product officer Oliver Meiseburg. “The latest version of their rendering technology will be a welcome addition to our community.”

Source: Chaos Group