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Chaos Czech Releases Corona Renderer 7 for 3ds Max

Update features 35 new presets for glass, metal, and fabric, and new Physical Material for deeper control; newly optimized features boost render times up to 50%.

Chaos Czech has released Corona Renderer 7 for 3ds Max, an update designed to enhance the realism of 3D scenes and boost render speeds. The update features 35 new presets for glass, metal, and fabric, with the new Physical Material making it easier to quickly set up hyper-realistic scenes.

Physical Material comes with multiple features for deeper control, including Sheen parameters for creating photoreal fabrics like velvet, and Clearcoat, which allows users to add lacquer to objects like cars without making them look plastic. To maintain compatibility with preexisting scenes, the previous Corona Material will still be available as a legacy option.

The Sky Model is significantly expanded In Corona Renderer 7. Artists can now accurately depict a digital sun and weather from any cliff or skyscraper using the new Altitude Parameter, which leverages real-world data to calculate what the sky will look like from any height. Meanwhile, the new Volume Effect improves the look of large-scale scenes by blending distant objects like mountains more naturally with the atmosphere. This effect is both easier to control than a Global Volume material and it renders faster as well.

Corona Renderer 7 users will see overall faster render times, as much as 50% faster on scenes using newly optimized features like better transparency processing and faster denoising. The boost extends to data/scene opening. Files will open quicker due to the background loading of Corona Bitmaps and Proxies.

Check out the highlights:

Other New Features Include:

  • Glass Material Improvements – Create frosted glass that renders quickly with refractions on thin glass in the Physical Material.
  • Industry-Standard Defaults – Automatically apply Roughness and IOR as material defaults for greater compatibility with industry standards, or switch to Glossiness and Specular when desired.
  • More Control Over Metals – Control metals materials more intuitively using the default Edge Color parameter or use Complex IOR for physically correct scenes.

Additional information is available on the Chaos Czech website.

Source: Chaos Czech