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Channel Frederator Networks Launches $1 Million Creative Fund

Money will be provided exclusively for member project development and production.

Channel Frederator Network, the world’s largest multi-channel network for animators, artists, gamers, and entertainers, has announced the establishment of a $1,000,000 creative fund for the development and production of network member projects. All Channel Frederator Network members will have the opportunity to pitch their ideas for a portion of the funding.

Applications are open now. Members will be invited to pitch their projects with details about their production plans and how much funding they are seeking.

Kenny Ash, director of networks, explained, “When a network member joins us, we make a promise to help them grow, embrace their dreams, and strive for success with their careers on the YouTube platform and outside of it as well. With this opportunity, we can work together and grow even further as a team and as a family.”

“Every day we come to the office thinking of how we can activate the inherent potential of our network members,” noted Jeremy Rosen, VP of programming and networks. “What do they want to do? How do they want to surprise and delight their audience? Who do they want to become in the next three, five, or ten years? This development fund is a big part of how we hope to accomplish that.”

Fred Seibert, president and CEO, added, “Frederator has been dedicated to saying ‘yes!’ to creators for 20 years, and we’ve helped catapult talent to the pinnacles of the video industries. We established the Channel Frederator Network to extend our relationships across the globe and hope this latest creative fund will help new filmmakers realize their original visions and distribute them to communities everywhere.”

Channel Frederator Network is an animation, art, gaming, and entertainment-focused multi-channel network with over 3,000 members. Since launching in 2015, the network has amassed over 140 million subscribers on YouTube with an average of 2.5 billion views per month. Channel Frederator Network members include 5 Minute Crafts, CircleToonsHD, Jaiden Animations, Domics, ChaoticCanineCulture, The Kindergarten, The Roundtable, Saberspark, Piemations, and more. A key component of the “Frederator Loves You” promise is a dedication to help every member achieve their dreams and express themselves creatively.

Members of the network receive 360-degree protection for video, images, sound effects and music through access to libraries of royalty free assets. The network provides affiliate opportunities and sponsorships, tools and platforms to help members succeed on YouTube, opportunities for gaming and animation platform discounts, Patreon and marketing/merch account management, the option to pitch a cartoon to Frederator, and much more.

Inquiries on becoming a Channel Frederator Network member should be sent to 

Source: Channel Frederator Network