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CGI Actress In Pacino Drama An Incorrect Report

Aspiring actors can breathe a collective sigh of relief. The news item, originally reported in the HOLLYWOOD REPORTER and then trickled down through many media sources, that director Andrew Niccol had chosen to create a CGI lead for his next dramatic film, SIMONE, is incorrect. Apparently, the REPORTER confused production information with the plot, which tells the story of a producer (Al Pacino) whose lead actress walks off the set. He then replaces her with a life-like CGI actress which he tries to pass off as real. After the CGI actress becomes an overnight success, Pacino must deal with the ramifications of his deception. The film will be a satire of the Hollywood system, reality and the nature of humanity. Niccol has said that due to high production costs he will cast an unknown actress as the CGI character instead of actually having one created. We apologize for any unnecessary stress caused by the original false report on the acting community.

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