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CG Bruce Lee To Star In Feature Film

Korea-based Shincine Films plans to have Bruce Lee star in a new martial arts film years after his death. The film, tentatively titled DRAGON WARRIOR, will incorporate Bruce Lee into a $50 million production using state-of-the-art CGI technology. Shincine recently acquired the rights to Lees image from Concord Moon, the company that controls the rights and is administered by Lees widow Linda Lee Cadwell and his daughter Shannon Lee. This venture will be privately financed by Shincine Films and will be the companys first film for the U.S. market. "We chose this film as our first international project because we have the technology and resources to make this work, and there is no figure who commands more respect and excitement than Bruce Lee," said Shincine CEO Chul Shin. Apparently, the computer generated Lee will interact with live-action actors and actresses. In a REUTERS report, Shin said the technology was "totally new," so not only will Lees image be recreated, but an actor will tape Lee's dialogue and computer software will change the actor's voice to make it sound like Lee.