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Center for Learning Unlimited Launches Brainstorm Productions

CLU’s new full-service studio to provide paid job opportunities to alumni of the career animation training program; the 3-year curriculum provides young adults on the autism spectrum an intensive 2D-3D hands on learning experience.

In addition to kindergarten - 12th grade special education, The Center for Learning Unlimited (CLU) maintains a 3-year animation curriculum for adults (ages 18+) on the autism spectrum. Summer 2021 marks the completion of intensive 2D and 3D studies for eight neurodiverse CLU clients.

On June 15, the inaugural career animation training program graduating class enters the workforce. At the same time the doors open to Brainstorm Productions, its brand-new companion motion graphics studio.

The CLU class of 2021 includes Jade Boyd, Tori Boyd, Lawren Cruz, Vincente Guerrero, Anne Marie Las Pinas, George Manukyan, Michael Miro, and Haileigh Tenney. All are recently certified Autodesk Maya CGI software artists.

Each of the apprentice artists has a CV with crew positions on the short film What To Do With Your Tabloid News, an almost 3-minute, lighthearted explainer video that employs origami, stop-motion animation, and CGI to achieve maximum messaging impact. The film is an official selection of the Easterseals Disability Film Challenge (in association with the Bentonville Film Festival), the Frame by Frame Film Fest, and the KIDS FIRST! Film Fest, respectively.

“I know you will all continue to succeed, and I loved your film and your whole team!” shared Nic Novicki, award-winning actor and Easterseals Disability Film Challenge founder/director. “Thanks again for your support and passion!”

Brainstorm Productions has a distinct mission: to be that bridge between school enrollment and paid roles within third party players, such as Disney, Netflix, Electronic Arts, and other entities large and small. It presents compensated job opportunities for those with CLU animation diplomas. The business is a full-service entity staffed with alums on contract assignments and original creative development projects. Potential patrons, such as video game companies, film and TV producers, NGOs, and small business advertisers, are welcome to connect with CLU now.

“Brainstorm Productions supplies a launch pad for these unconventional content creators,” explained CLU founder and executive director Virginia Erxleben, EdD. “We hope to engage with the entertainment industry on many fronts to provide meaningful employment inside an underserved community. Our students are too talented not to contribute to their chosen field! Let’s change the statistic from 85% unemployment to 85% employment within the neurodiverse population. Brainstorm Productions is another step in that direction.”

Source: The Center for Learning Unlimited