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Celebrate Pride and Diversity at Annecy 2023

Four short film programs highlight challenges, perspectives, and journeys of LGBTQ+ community members; the festival runs June 11-17.

Annecy 2023 announced four short film programs celebrating Pride and Diversity will be part of this year’s festival, and open to all attendees. The festival runs June 11-17.

The Festival’s Artistic Director, Marcel Jean, shared, "This theme has become a topical issue, especially for young filmmakers, many of whom tackle issues related to gender and diversity every year.”

The program, coordinated by The Animation Showcase and LGBTQ+ in Animation co-founder Benoit Berthe Siward, aims to provide a range of views on recent productions.

The programs:

“True Queer Stories” by Holly Murtha

How does it feel to be queer in this world? This program showcases real-life stories from the LGBTQ+ community ranging from new perspectives on love, relationships, and desire to an ode to family and community. From journeys of self-discovery to closeted, troubled lives, this section is a reminder of the diversity of lived experiences inside the queer community and the importance of representation.

Among the films:

  • All Those Sensations in My Belly by Marko Djeska (Croatia, Portugal)
  • Oneself Story by Géraldine Charpentier (Belgium)

“Hidden Queer Desires” by Patricio Plaza

For a long time, queer desire has been ridden with guilt, existing in the margins of society, hidden or unspoken. Times are changing, but the past still presents struggles for many.

Among the films:

  • We Were a Sterile Bomb by Dotan Moreno (Israel)
  • Adorable by Cheng-Hsu Chung (Taiwan, UK)
  • Piteous Liaisons by Chloé Alliez and Violette Delvoye (Belgium, France)

“Home Is Where the Heart Is” by Jakub Spevák

These films explore the need to share, be yourself, love, and forgive - dedicated to the feeling of belonging.

Among the films:

  • Chado by Dominica Harrison (UK)
  • Purpleboy by Alexandre Siqueira (Portugal, France, Belgium)
  • In Nature by Marcel Barelli (Switzerland)

“Freaks & Proud” by Jakub Spevák

Oft labeled as freaks, monsters, mutants, and even ghosts who haunt society, this group of films deconstructs these often-pejorative labels faced by queer individuals whiling show "queer" in all its diversity.

Among the films:

  • Slug Life by Sophie Koko Gate (UK)
  • The Boob Fairy by Léahn Vivier-Chapas (France)
  • Superbia by Luca Tóth (Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia)

An Honorary Cristal will be awarded to British filmmaker Barry J.C. Purves, a pioneer of embracing homosexual themes in animation. In addition, Purves is presenting a masterclass, and his most acclaimed shorts will be featured in a program.

Source: Annecy 2023

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