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Celebrate National Dinosaur Day with Kabillion on May 15!

Popular kids’ series to feature dino-themed content including ‘Transformers Animated,’ ‘Chloe’s Closet,’ and ‘Gumby.’

On May 15, Kabillion will mark National Dinosaur Day by bringing families back to the Mesozoic Era with special dino-themed content. From battling with animatronic dinosaurs in Transformers Animated: Blast from the Past and finding living 170-million-year-old dinos in Gumby; to accidentally skateboarding back in time in Wild Grinders: Jurassic Skate Park; and helping animals, from the smallest mouse to the biggest dino, in Chloe’s Closet: Do Little Do Big; families will have dino-sized fun learning about their favorite dinosaurs and exploring the past!

The new Freebies section of the Kabillion website features printable/downloadable word searches and coloring pages, including characters and scenes from some of kids' favorite Kabillion shows, to help extend the fun beyond the screen.

Kabillion’s National Dinosaur Day celebration includes:

Transformers Animated: “Blast from the Past”

  • Professor Sumdac upgrades a trio of animatronic dinosaurs from a local theme park, but the creatures develop minds of their own and become rampaging Dinobots, bent on destroying the Autobots.

BabyRiki: “Big Friends”

  • Pandy and Chichi are playing together when they find a big dinosaur toy. They try to play catch with the dinosaur, but it doesn't work. Then Pandy realizes there's another way they can play with the dinosaur. In this episode, preschoolers learn about dinosaurs.

Chloe’s Closet: “Do Little Do Big”

  • Chloe and her friends become animal doctors and treat everyone, from the smallest mouse to the biggest dinosaur.  

Gumby: “Hidden Valley”

  • Gumby and Pokey, riding in an antique car, land in a hidden valley, where they discover dinosaurs surviving for 170 million years.

Gumby: “Eggs & Trixie”

  • Gumby has a daydream adventure with a young dinosaur named Trixie.

Wild Grinders: “Jurassic Skate Park”

  • While trying to be the first skater to break the sound barrier, Lil Rob, Meaty and Goggles accidentally break the time barrier and go back to a simpler time: volcanoes, dinosaurs and cavemen. Can they skate their way back to Sprawl City without getting stomped?

Hero 108: “The Return of the Pterodactyls”

  • As strange as it sounds, ApeTrully gets word that a human village is under attack by pterodactyls!

Kabillion is available on demand on most cable and satellite providers and streaming on Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Roku, Sling, and XUMO.

Source: Kabillion