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CelAction Launches 2D Quickstart Course

Training includes 6+ hours of tutorials by industry animators, the Template Actor with complete animations such as walk and run cycles, and editable assets for practice to get users up and running fast.

CelAction is launching its CelAction2D Quickstart course, a quick path to learning the company’s flagship software CelAction2D, used on popular animated shows including Bluey, Mr. Bean, and Peppa Pig.

“We’d always focused on in-person training for new CelAction2D users, ensuring they had the very best introduction to our software so they could hit the ground running and be employable immediately,” said CelAction CEO Andy Blazdell. “With more people working from home and the workforce more spread out than ever before, this wasn’t keeping up with the rapid expansion of our user base.”

CelAction2D Quickstart includes over 6 hours of video tutorials produced by animators working in the industry, documentation, sample files, and CelAction’s Template Actor, a rig complete with animations such as walk and run cycles. In addition, animators can use easily editable assets to experiment and quickly gain expertise.

“We wanted a single place where users could go to get the self-learning tutorials they required, but more importantly, we wanted the course to be as efficient as an in-person one,” added Blazdell. “We could train people up in 2 or 3 days in a classroom, so we designed this course to be able to teach people at home how to use CelAction2D in 24 hours.”

CelAction2D Quickstart includes a month’s CelAction2D Studio Edition subscription and a discount voucher redeemable against further rental.

“Because the course covers advanced rigging as well as basic, it’s not really suitable for complete newcomers to animation,” noted Blazdell. “But for students and professionals looking to widen their opportunities for working on hit TV series, it’s the best investment they can make.”

Details on the CelAction2D Quickstart course are available here

Source: CelAction

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