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CBeebies Launching Animated Series ‘Messy Goes to Okido’

Educational science series directed by BAFTA winner Liz Whitaker employs a hybrid of live-action, CG and 2D animation.

LONDON -- In 2011, Okido Magazine joined forces with Squint/Opera to bring the magazine to life. Messy goes to Okido is a comedy adventure science-educational series following a curious, lovable monster called Messy. The BBC has acquired the hybrid 2D/3D/live-action animation series, with the first episode set to air on CBeebies on Monday, September 7.

The series is directed by BAFTA winner Liz Whitaker (Bob the Builder, Pingu and Timmy Time). 

Communicating science in a highly visual way, the show is a blend of live-action, CGI 3D and 2D animation.  Each episode of Messy Monster poses a question in the real world and then travesl to the fictional world of Okido, where he finds the answers to his questions. The show brings science to life using stories, comedy and adventure.

Source: Squint/Opera

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