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With Cavill Out, Are Any Actors Safe During the DCU Creative Shakeup?

Major changes are coming to the superpowered studio now run by new co-CEOs James Gunn and Peter Safran; fans are worried their beloved character actors are in danger.

The DCU is in the midst of some major house cleaning. Now that Wonder Woman 3 has been unceremoniously cancelled, and Henry Cavill ejected from his role as Superman, fans are worried other Snyderverse era characters will get the axe. However, as co-CEO’s James Gunn and Peter Safran have not yet fully revealed their plans for the studio’s cinematic future, most current information is pure speculation.

Thankfully, Gal Gadot maintains her role as Diana (for now), despite her upcoming film being canned and her cameo in The Flash getting erased. Perhaps the shakeup is mostly creative, and many beloved characters (and their respective actors) will remain with different writers and producers at the helm?

Of the upcoming changes, Gunn stated in a long Twitter chain, “Peter & I chose to helm DC Studios knowing we were coming into a fractious environment, both in the stories being told & in the audience itself & there would be an unavoidable transitional period as we moved into telling a cohesive story across film, TV, animation, and gaming. […] We know we are not going to make every single person happy every step of the way, but we can promise everything we do is done in the service of the STORY & in the service of the DC CHARACTERS we know you cherish and we have cherished our whole lives."

Gunn and Safran’s blueprint for the DCU’s future will be revealed to Warner Bros. Discovery head honcho David Zaslav in early 2023. Hopefully, this will disperse fan worries and allow for some excitement instead.

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