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Cats & Dogs Writing Duo To Pen New Looney Tunes Feature

Screenwriters John Requa and Glenn Ficarra have signed a three-picture deal with Warner Bros. that will have the CATS & DOGS writing duo penning the new Looney Tunes feature. Produced by Quincy Jones Media Group and Gerber Pictures, the film will be a live-action/animated feature sending the Looney Tunes crew on a wild road trip. Originally Ken Kaufman, co-writer of Warners SPACE COWBOYS, had been tapped to write the script [AWN 8/23/00]. The new team will be paid a high-six figure amount up front, reaching seven figures after the film is produced. In addition, the duo will write a live-action feature called DEAD MEN WALKING about a zombie-infested prison and one other original script. CATS & DOGS is a F/X live-action feature where a band of dogs must stop a group of conniving cats from destroying a new vaccine that would ward off allergies to dogs.

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