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The Cathedral and Ice Age Win AWN Oscar Vote

It seems the tastes of active Animation World Network viewers do not jive with the Academy voters according to the results now in for AWN's Oscar Reivew reader poll. For once AWN voters selected a different short film winner, picking THE CATHEDRAL over the Oscar-winning THE CHUBBCHUBBS, which just won the Oscar. An overwhelming 46% of all AWN voters predicted THE CATHEDRAL would take home the Oscar, while 18% voted for MIKE'S NEW CAR, followed by 14% for DAS RAD, 15% for MT. HEAD. THE CHUBBCHUBBBS finished last with 10%. Perhaps AWN voters are more CGI-oriented in the feature film category as 48% chose ICE AGE to win instead of SPIRITED AWAY, which received, came in second at AWN with 28% of the vote. LILO & STITCH followed in third with 12%, then TREASURE PLANET with 9% AND SPIRIT: STALLION OF CIMARRON finished last at 3%. We hope you visited each nominee that was featured in the 2003 AWN Oscar Showcase. If you didn't then take a few moments to see themnow!