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Catapult promotes Smith and Mayserson

Catapult Productions' Kim Davidson and Arnie Zipursky, executive producersof MONSTER BY MISTAKE, have promoted Rob Smith and Mark Mayerson toproducers for the second season of the computer animated TV series. Smithand Mayerson will join Julie Stall, who was the first season producer.Mayerson, who created the series, and Smith each directed five episodes ofthe first season. Smith will continue to direct while Mayerson will be moreinvolved in stories and scripts. MONSTER BY MISTAKE began as a Halloween TVspecial which aired on Canada's YTV in 1998. It is about a boy who getsmixed up in a magic spell by mistake, and whose sneezes, as a result, turnhim into a seven foot tall monster. The series will begin airing inSeptember in Canada on YTV and in Europe on various Disney channels.