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Cartoons on the Bay set to begin

The Cartoons on the Bay International Festival of Television Animation will be held April 20-24, 1999 Positano, Italy. Shorts and series produced by TV stations from all over the world will compete for "Pulcinella Awards." In addition, there will conferences devoted to "The Rise of TV Series for Adults," "Songs and Soundtracks for Animation," "Animated Feature Length Films on TV," "Commissioned Social Education Films in Animation," and "Where is the European Animation Industry Going with Media 2?" Also, a new edition of Animathon will involve school children creating cartoons in record time as part of a team competition. More information: Via U. Novaro, 18-00195 Roma, Italia. TEL: +390637498315; FAX: +30 0637515631 or +39 0637353521. e-mail: