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Cartoons on the Bay Focuses on Diversity

This year’s theme of Cartoons on the Bay is linked to the Diversity to which the second day of the program of the Festival is dedicated.

Press Release from Cartoons on the Bay

This year’s theme of Cartoons on the Bay is linked to the Diversity to which the second day of the program of the Festival is dedicated. Cultural, religious, political and social diversities. “We want to understand how cartoons have told and still telling a value like the diversities – says the Artistic Director of the Festival, Roberto Genovesi – all these diversities that consider the confrontation an enrichment and a chance of growing up in juxtaposition to those diversities that consider other people as a threat”.

Chinese Animation will be the object of events,. Retrospective and exhibitions: China will be Guest Country of 2010 edition of the Festival. In co-operation with ICE (Italian Trade Commission), a delegation of producers will be hosted at Cartoons on the Bay, in order to promote meetings and start sinergies between the innovative chinese audiovisual industry and the italian one, thanks to the capability of the Festival to network and promote products and cooperations among companies, producers, distributors and broadcasters. In charge of assigning the Pulcinella Awards among the 470 programs submitted, a record number, in the 9 different competing categories, (Best Series Preschool, Best Tv Series Kids, Best Tv Series Tween Generation, Best Tv Series Young Adults, Bet Pilot of Tv Series, Best Short Film, Best Educational and Issues Film – UNICEF Prize, Best Interactive Animation, Best Cross-Media Projects) will be Christy Dena, Maya Goetz, Gary Goldman, Nicole Keeb e Diana Manson.

A prestigious showcase dedicated to projects of Authors, Screenwriters, Animation Studios or Indipendent Producers not yet launched in the professional market, is the Pitch Me! Rai Trade will add in its portfolio the three winners, guaranteeing at least one year of distribution of the finished product, stating the effort of the company in supporting the animation industry. The Pitch Me!Pierluigi de Mas Jury is composed by: Enzo D'Alò (Director, Writer and Musician), Gianfranco Noferi (Director of Rai Gulp) and Umberto Virri (Honorary President of Accademia Disney).

The traditional Pulcinella Award competition will be joined by a series of special events that will open even more to the participation of the general public the world of Cartoons on the Bay, thanks to the best shop window competition, dedicated to the shops that will dress their windows cartoon-style. Play and competition also in the Cosplayers championship, that will liven up Rapallo, Portofino e Santa Margherita Ligure.

Tigullio or Tusken Village? This year la 501 Italica Garrison, partner of the Festival, will bing to Liguria the Tusken Village, the Sand People, the native tribe of the sci-fi universe created by Gorge Lucas. An extraordinary chance to see and live the everyday life of these misterious people and live first persone a great adventure on the Tatooine Planet. Cartoons on the Bay will also be the chance the celebrate the 10-year success of Geronimo Stilton, with the co-operation with con Atlantyca Entertainment. Among the many international guests of this 14th edition of the Festival, Geronimo will certainly be the most beloved by kids, who will have the chance to meet him in his very own office at the Cartoon Village.

Cartoons on the Bay has also developed many barter agreements with international events like MIFA, Cartoon Forum, MIPCOM, Festival Internazionale del Cinema di Roma, Castelli Animati, Romics, Kidscreen Summit, Bologna Children’s Book Fair. Moreover, Rai Trade and  Museo del Fumetto e dell'Immaginazione di Lucca (Museum of comics and imagination of Lucca) have signed an agreement of high significance for the italian world of animation and cartooning, making the Tuscan city the “Capital of Fantasy”.

Studios of the Year

Atlantyca Entertainment, born in September 2006, is a new and polyheydric Italian enterprise that in a few years has become a leader in the international entertainment market.

Founded by Pietro Marietti, President, Claudia Mazzucco, Managing Director and Caterina Vacchi, Administrator, Atlantyca was originally established to develop new business opportunities for the Geronimo Stilton brand and its “world” and characters.

Established worldwide as a reliable partner and producer, the Animation division doesn’t stop. In October 2008 Atlantyca signs a co-production agreement for the second season of the Tv Series Dive Olly Dive! of the American society Mike Young Productions (52x11) and it is Italian distributor of the broadcasting rights of both seasons. Founded in 2001 by Anthony Roux, Camille Chafer and Emmanuel Darras, ANKAMA is a French indipendent creative group, based è Roubaix, Parigi, Lione and Tokio, employing more than 400 people. Basing its success on Mmorpg Dofus, launched in 2003, that has gathered almost 30 millions of players, ANKAMA positions itself on various markets: online gaming, publishing, animation, creation and design of websites, press, console games and mobile services. ANKAMA is currently developing Wakfu, a cross-media  project: cartoon/videogame/trading card game/graphic novel.

Pulcinella Awards 2010

These are the categories to which the prestigious Pulcinella Awards will be assigned:

* TV Series Preschool (up to 6 years) * TV Series Kids (7-10 years) * TV Series Tween Generation (11-13 years) * TV Series Young Adults (14-17 years) * Pilot of Tv Series* Short Film * Educational and Social Issues Film – Unicef Prize* Interactive Animation* Cross-media Project

The International Jury

Christy Dena, Maya Goetz, Gary Goldman, Nicole Keeb and Diana Manson. These are the names of high level of the International Jury CHRISTY DENA, Director of “Universe Creation 101”, CHRISTY DENA has held the keynote speech at “Power to the Pixel, London Film Festival” and the first international conference on Cross -Media Interaction Design. Co-author of Writer’s Guide to Making a Digital Living for the Australian Literature Board, she is about to conclude her Ph.D on Trans-media fiction. MAYA GOETZ, Ph.D, is the director of the foundation “Prix Jeunesse”, and of the International Central Institute for Educational and Kids’ Television (IZI) at Bayerischer Rundfunk of Munich. Among her publications: Media and the make-believe worlds of children - When Harry Potter meets Pokémon in Disneyland e The TV-heroes of girls and boys, upcoming in 2010.  GARY GOLDMAN, member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences since 1976, has founded, with Don Bluth and John Pomeroy, “Don Bluth Productions” in 1979. In 1994, always with Bluth, has created “Fox Animation Studios”. He has produced and co-directed: Anastasia (1997), Bartok the Magnificent (1999) and Titan AE (2000). Aswell as The Secret of NIMH (1982), An American Tail (1986), The Land Before Time (1988) and successful videogames, like Dragon’s Lair (1983), Dragon’s Lair I Warp (1989)e Dragon’s Lair III (2004). NICOLE KEEB has worked for WDR (Show with the Mouse)and SAT 1, the first private Tv channel in Germany. For Premiere (the main pay tv channel in Germany) has directed the “Kids” section. Having joined ZDF as commissioning editor for acquisistions and co-productions, she is currently responsible for international co-productions, development and acquisitions of the same department.  DIANA MANSON. Founder of “ABC Records”, she has bee consultant for Disney, Warner Brothers, Sony Music and worked for BMG International. In 1998 she has founded “Silver Lining Productions”. In 2002 she has been executive producer of Beatrix Potter’s Nursery Rhymes, Timothy Goes to School (PBS), Max & Ruby (Nick Jnr) and co-producer of Dr. Dog (TF1 and ZDF). Since 2005, with “Chorion”, she moulds properties, like Ian Falconer’s Olivia, the new series of Mr. Men and Noddy in Toyland.

The Scientific Committee

The International Television and Multimedia Animation Festival of Rai Trade is proud to present the SCIENTIFIC COMMITTEE, a special panel that will be in charge of analysing and point out the changings of the international animation and cross-media panorama. The scientific committee of Cartoons on the Bay, referring straight to the Artistic Director, meeting once a year and being, by its own nature, a body in full evolution, has been already joined by highly notable international representatives: Enzo D'Alò (Director, Screenwriter and musician), Carlo Chendi (comics scriptwriter since 1952, President of M.I.C. and Rapalloonia!), Derrick de Kerckove (Professor at the Toronto University a Università Federico II di Napoli, writer and media and cultural consultant), Christy Dena (director of Universe Creation 101), Carlo Freccero (Director of Rai 4), Maya Goetz (Director of Central Institute of Educational and Kids Television (IZI) at Bayerischer Rundfunk and Prix Jeunesse Foundation), Jeff Gomez (board member of Producers Guild of America East and member of the advisory board of PGA New Media Council), Luca Milano (Responsible of Product Analysis, Operational Marketing and Animated Cartoons Department - Rai Fiction), Ivo Milazzo (cartoonist), Maria Mussi Bollini (Head of Children's Programmes RAITRE), Gianfranco Noferi (Responsible of digital terrestrial channels of RAI dedicated to childhood, RaiGulp and Rai YoYo), Luca Raffaelli (Artistic Director of Romics, Comics Festival in Rome, and of Castelli Animati, International Animation Festival), Andrea Piersanti (Giornalista), Claudia Sasso (Responsible of programming and production for kids of RAIDUE) and Umberto Virri (President of Film Multiservice, Honoray President of Accademia Disney, Senior Partner of Covenant Partners, Non-executive Director of 77Agency).

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