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On March 26, launched TOONAMI REACTOR, a 12-week offering of popular TOONAMI anime programming on-demand. The introduction of TOONAMI REACTOR is designed to showcase the full potential of interactive entertainment using broadband technology. In addition to the anime video content, exclusive information about the characters and storyline is displayed simultaneously on a split screen for Reactor participants using a broadband connection. During the 12-week run, Reactor will present 40 episodes of DRAGONBALL Z (THE FRIEZA SAGA), 26 episodes of STAR BLAZERS, 4 unique games -- two focusing on DRAGONBALL Z and two that will be TOONAMI-specific -- and background content provided by ANIMERICA MAGAZINE. Users must be running Windows 98, 2000 or ME with Windows Media 7 and Flash to view the programming. In addition, though 56K users can access to the games, feature areas and most of the text content, broadband users will have the optimum Reactor experience. On the new site, the screen is split into sections, each containing specific episodic and character information. One of the windows features the episodes and is available for broadband advertising. Ads, games and other interactive content are displayed in the Reaction window, while the Text window gives the user in-depth information and insight into their favorite shows. The remaining window allows users to view sponsor Websites, game content and other Toonami information simultaneously. "We're always looking for innovative ways to present our content," said Jim Samples, general manager of Cartoon Network Online. "This broadband program lays the groundwork for future projects of a similar nature." TOONAMI, Cartoon Network's afternoon action-adventure programming block, airs weekdays 4-7 pm (ET, PT) and features programs like SAILOR MOON, DRAGON BALL Z, GUNDAM WING, TENCHI MUYO!, OUTLAW STAR and RONIN WARRIORS. Intermittently throughout the three-hour programming block, TOONAMI features popular music, computer generated 3D animation segments and the block's host, TOM, an animated character who inhabits the space vessel Absolution.

The May 2001 issue of ANIMATION WORLD MAGAZINE will feature an in depth profile of Be sure to check it out starting May 1, 2001.

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