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Cartoon Network's Greatest Cartoon Countdown

Cartoon Network U.S. will air an eight-hour marathon program called CARTOON NETWORK'S GREATEST CARTOON COUNTDOWN on March 20 starting at 2:00 p.m. and a two-hour encore presentation on March 21 at 12:00 p.m. The lineup of this program is a little different from the similar program which ran last year, THE 50 GREATEST CARTOONS OF ALL TIME. The selections come predominantly from the network's Time-Warner library of 8,500 titles, as well as from other studios which contributed cartoons exclusively for the marathon. Among the acquisitions are three animated shorts from the first incarnation of THE SIMPSONS featured on THE TRACY ULLMAN SHOW. "We feel very passionate about our selections," said Mike Lazzo, senior VP of programming and production for Cartoon Network. "We spent the better part of an hour arguing over who makes for a better cartoon: a giant canary, a singing owl or a pig with no pants."

A complete list follows:

DUCK AMUCK (Chuck Jones/Warner Bros.), ONE FROGGY EVENING (Chuck Jones/Warner Bros.), THE SIMPSONS including THE PAGANS, BART'S LITTLE FANTASY and WORLD WAR III (Matt Groening), FEED THE KITTY (Chuck Jones/Warner Bros.), THE CAT CAME BACK (Cordell Barker/National Film Board of Canada), GERALD MCBOING BOING (Robert Cannon/UPA), RABBIT SEASONING (Chuck Jones/Warner Bros.), I LOVE TO SINGA (Tex Avery/Warner Bros.), PEST IN THE HOUSE (Chuck Jones/Warner Bros.), THE GREAT PIGGY BANK ROBBERY (Bob Clampett/Warner Bros.), WHAT'S OPERA, DOC? (Chuck Jones/Warner Bros.), DRAFTEE DAFFY (Bob Clampett/Warner Bros.), KING SIZE CANARY (Tex Avery/MGM), RED HOT RIDING HOOD (Tex Avery/MGM), BAD LUCK BLACKIE (Tex Avery/MGM), PORKY IN WACKYLAND (Bob Clampett/Warner Bros.), THE BIG SNOOZE (Bob Clampett/Warner Bros.), A DREAM WALKING (Dave Fleischer/Paramount), VENTRILOQUIST CAT (Tex Avery/MGM), RABBIT OF SEVILLE (Chuck Jones/Warner Bros.), LITTLE RED RIDING RABBIT (Friz Freleng/Warner Bros.), LITTLE RURAL RIDING HOOD (Tex Avery/MGM), THE CAT CONCERTO (W. Hanna and J. Barbera/MGM), A WILD HARE (Tex Avery/Warner Bros.), QUACKOR (Genndy Tartakovsky/Hanna Barbera), WOTSAMATTA U. (Jay Ward), NORTHWEST HOUNDED POLICE (Tex Avery/MGM), GEE WHIZZ (Chuck Jones/Warner Bros.), THE CAT THAT HATED PEOPLE (Tex Avery/MGM), DUCK DODGERS IN THE 24th 1/2 CENTURY (Chuck Jones/Warner Bros.), POPEYE THE SAILOR MEETS SINBAD THE SAILOR (Dave Fleischer/Paramount), CORNY CONCERTO (Bob Clampett/Warner Bros.), THE DOT AND THE LINE (Chuck Jones/Warner Bros.), DEPUTY DROOPY (Tex Avery/MGM), PUSS GETS THE BOOT (W. Hanna and J. Barbara/MGM), SWOONER CROONER (Frank Tashlin/Warner Bros.), SCREWBALL SQUIRREL (Tex Avery/MGM), LITTLE JOHNNY JET (Tex Avery/MGM), BETTY IN BLUNDERLAND (Dave Fleischer/Paramount), SUPERMAN (Dave Fleischer/Paramount), SPUD DUD (W. Hanna and J. Barbara/Hanna Barbera), WALKY TALKY HAWKY (Robert McKimson/Warner Bros.), TWEETIE PIE (Friz Freleng/Warner Bros.), TWO MOUSEKETEERS (W. Hanna and J. Barbera/MGM), THE PINK PHINK (Friz Freleng and Hawley Pratt/United Artists), GHOST WITH THE MOST (W. Hanna and J. Barbera/Hanna Barbera), GOONLAND (Dave Fleischer/Paramount), DRAGALONG DROOPY (Tex Avery/MGM), THE CHICKEN FROM OUTER SPACE (John Dilworth/Hanna Barbera), and BILLY BOY (Tex Avery/MGM).