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Cartoon Network Studios Launching ‘Journeys VR’ on October 1

New virtual reality experience, developed through innovative pilot program, will be available globally, free of charge, on Steam.

Beginning Tuesday, October 1, Cartoon Network Journeys VR, an original virtual reality experience developed through an innovative Cartoon Network Studios pilot program, will be available worldwide, for free, on Steam. The VR experience is compatible with the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive.

Teams of artists and animators collaborated in a series of workshops at a VR lab based at the studio in Burbank to develop immersive stories and worlds using VR animation and storytelling tools.

In Cartoon Network Journeys VR, players begin in a cosmic desert oasis and encounter Gormlorm (voiced by Reggie Watts), a traveling wizard of the multiverse who guides players through three immersive journeys into other dimensions:

  • Jest to Impress: Transform into a jester performing for the King and his royal court. Give it your all to impress the King, but if your comedic acts fall flat, be prepared to meet your doom. 

  • Beyond Beeville: As an outcast one-winged bee, you must save your colony from collapse by teaming up with your pollen companion, Penny. Explore the garden, solve puzzles, and discover secrets beyond the hive.

  • Kosma Kwest: You have been summoned to the cosmic plane by Kosma, The Supreme Being, to be evaluated as a potential successor. Complete four lessons of the cosmos and take your place on the celestial throne.

Cartoon Network Studios promotes the development of artists both within the studio and its community. The VR lab is the latest initiative at the Cartoon Network Studios Academy, which offers the Storyboard Artist Training Program, as well as other opportunities to both promising and seasoned artists that encourage professional and personal growth.

Source: Cartoon Network