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Cartoon Network sets premiere for I AM WEASEL

Cartoon Network has announced that I AM WEASEL will premiere on June 10 at8 pm (ET/PT). This show is a spin-off from David Feiss' currently airingCOW AND CHICKEN series. Creator, writer, and director David Feiss' serieswill follow the exploits of the internationally famous I.M. Weasel and hisinsanely jealous arch-nemesis I.R. Baboon. Each half-hour show will consistof three 7 minute shorts. 52 shorts that were originally shown as part ofCOW AND CHICKEN will be joined by 27 new shorts have been created for theseries. I AM WEASEL is the sixth original half-hour Cartoon Network series,joining THE POWERPUFF GIRLS, JOHNNY BRAVO, DEXTER'S LABORATORY, COW ANDCHICKEN, and ED, EDD N EDDY.