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Cartoon Network Seeks Sound A-likes For Powerpuff Feature

The actresses behind the Powerpuff Girls are in a real battle of their own and it's not with Mojo Jo Jo but Cartoon Network. The AOL Time Warner-owned animation network has put out a call for sound a-likes to imitate the Powerpuff Girls for the upcoming feature film. Apparently, Tara Strong (Bubbles), Catherine Cavadini (Blossom) and E.G. Daily (Buttercup) are in heated discussions over the financial terms they were offered. A Cartoon Network spokeswoman said that the auditions are a precautionary measure and that the company still hopes an agreement can be worked out with the original cast members. Agents for the actresses said the women were offered scale and no back-end percentages. Strong, Cavadini and Daily are more concerned about the back-end participation than what they would receive initially. ICM senior VP and agent for Cavadini and Daily, Jeff Danis, said, "We're certainly happy to make money on the back end if the film does well, and if it doesn't, we'll accept that as well." Some of the voice-over community is rallying behind the POWERPUFF cast. Maurice LaMarche (Brain, PINKY & THE BRAIN) posted a letter on a voice-over message board urging actors and actresses to refuse to try out for the sound a-likes. He said, "Don't audition! Let's get the actors, who made these characters the pop-culture icons that they are, paid what they're worth. This picture will make tens, if not hundreds, of millions of dollars. These actors are being offered a pittance by comparison. One day, my friends, it'll be your turn." A similar situation happened when the cast of THE SIMPSONS tried to renegotiate their contracts. Finally, with the support of the voice-over community not taking auditions, the cast received their salary raises. THE POWERPUFF GIRLS feature is being produced by Warner Bros. with production being done at Cartoon Network Studios. The film is scheduled to hit theaters in summer 2002.

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