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Cartoon Network Releases ‘Redraw Your World Without Bullying’

To support National Bullying Prevention Month, the network’s new ‘Stop Bullying: Speak Up’ campaign uses real life kids, original animation, and Cartoon Network characters to explain how to be an ally.

In recognition of October as National Bullying Prevention Month, Cartoon Network announced its latest PSA, Redraw Your World Without Bullying. As part of the award-winning national campaign, “Stop Bullying: Speak Up,” the PSA has been available on all Cartoon Network social platforms, including YouTube and Instagram, as of October 3.

Under the network’s “Redraw Your World” tagline, Redraw Your World Without Bullying combines real-life kids and original animation with Cartoon Network characters “Craig Williams,” “Raven,” “Beast Boy,” and “Robin.” The PSA outlines how to be a successful ally to someone experiencing identity-based bullying, which targets an individual’s identity, such as their race, religion, disability, immigration status, sexual orientation, gender identity, or physical appearance.

Drum sensation Nandi Bushell joins the “Stop Bullying: Speak Up” campaign with a rocking message that shares all the ways kids can use their voices to enact change. Available today, October 11, on the network’s social platforms, the video outlines the importance of embracing individuality, supporting friends in need, and being an ally to all communities.

“‘Stop Bullying: Speak Up’ is an incredible testament to the power of young people to make change in the world around them by speaking up as allies and embracing diversity and inclusion,” said Jill King, senior vice president of marketing and partnerships, Cartoon Network and Adult Swim. “This year, our focus on identity-based bullying draws together our anti-bias work with our commitment to bullying prevention.  PACER’s National Bullying Prevention Center continues to be an integral partner as a leader in mobilizing communities nationwide to prevent childhood bullying in all its forms.”

“National Bullying Prevention Month draws attention to a problem, offers solutions, and informs our communities,” said Julie Hertzog, director of PACER’s National Bullying Prevention Center. “It’s a great way for everyone to be part of the solution. Cartoon Network has been a leader in bullying prevention in the network space, and we are delighted to partner with their ‘Stop Bullying: Speak Up’ campaign to educate youth about identity-based bullying.”

In addition, the campaign’s educational materials include real stories from PACER’s National Bullying Prevention Center’s Unity Award winners. The Unity Awards, first held in 2015, recognize individuals who create a kinder, inclusive, and more accepting environment in their community.

Cartoon Network’s multi-platform pro-social initiative launched in 2010 and continues to empower kids to use their voices to enact change while also fostering skills that can lead to bullying prevention. Aligning with this commitment, Cartoon Network and PACER National Bullying Prevention Center invite educators, parents, and kids to participate in the “Redraw Your World Bulletin Board Challenge” by creating bulletin boards that visualize how kids would redraw their world without bullying.

In addition to the challenge, PACER’s National Bullying Prevention Center has created resources and materials to help educators, parents and kids explore identity-based bullying and ways they can take action, all hosted on their custom microsite .

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