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Cartoon Network offers "Shorties"

"Shorties" is a series of two-minute animated shorts that re-interpret someof Hanna-Barbera's lesser known, but fondly-remembered characters such asAtom Ant, Jabberjaw, and Wally Gator. The shorts began to air in Junethroughout the day on Cartoon Network during breaks from regularlyscheduled programming. They feature original plots and different animationtechniques for each short, and aim to update these characters with anironic, post-modern twist. Techniques include cel animation, cut-outs,stop-motion, and mixed media. The idea for "Shorties" came from CartoonNetwork Creative Director Michael Ouweleen. The first batch of "Shorties"includes: three produced at Curious Pictures, THANKS A LATTE (DROOPY DOG)directed by Mike Bade and designed by underground comics artist, Kaz, SOUNDHOUND (HUCKLEBERRY HOUND) directed by Nick Hewitt, and HARASSCAT (PIXIE &DIXIE) directed by Michael Ouweleen; ATOM ANT directed by Jonas Odell atFilm Tecknarna; WHEN ANIMALS NAP (YOGI BEAR) directed by Michael Ouweleenat Red Rover; MISS UNDERSTANDING (THE HILLBILLY BEARS) directed by ColleenO'Hare at Olive Jar; ALLIGATOR LIBERATION (WALLY GATOR) directed by BeeMurphy at Film Tecknarna; and LET'S DO LUNCH (JABBERJAW) directed by CasperKelly at Film Tecknarna.