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Cartoon Network Navigates 10 New Pilots

Cartoon Network has unveiled the line-up for their "Voice Your Choice Weekend." Starting on June 9, 2000, the toon home will air the first of ten animated pilots that will compete for spots on the channels 2001 schedule. On the weekend of August 25-27, viewers will vote on-line for their favorite, of which the top three will become original series. Airing June 9, THE GRIM ADVENTURES OF BILLY AND MANDY was created by Maxwell Atoms. BILLY AND MANDY is a quirky cartoon where Billy and Mandy win the friendship of the Grim Reaper during a competition for Billys hamsters soul. Airing June 16, WHATEVER HAPPENED TO ROBOT JONES? was created by Greg Miller. ROBOT JONES follows the foibles of an adolescent robot in junior high school. Airing June 23, CLEVER TREVOR was created by Adam Shaheen, Jeff Rockburn and David Goldin. TREVOR is a cel and stop-motion animation that follows the wild world of Trevor Braithwaite whose doodles dance right off the page. Airing June 30, NIKKI was created by Debby Solomon and Todd Kessler. In NIKKI, two friends find unusual responses to their on-line postings after they try to cheer up a broken-hearted woman in the park. Airing July 7, FOE PAWS was created by Chris Savino. FOE PAWS follows the misadventures of an eccentric old woman who tries to replace her long lost children by dressing up her cat and dog in human clothes. Airing July 14, PRICKLES was created by Denis Morella. PRICKLES follows the mishaps of a clumsy water-phobic cactus who helps save her family from a deadly drought at Cyclone Ranch. Airing July 21, LUCKY LYDIA was created by Arthur Filloy and Bob Camp. LYDIA follows the unwittingly lucky Lydia Lucas, who is raised by half-crazy parents and narrowly misses her demise at the hands of the Baxter Boys again and again. Airing July 28, LONGHAIR AND DOUBLEDOME was created by Gavrilo Gnatovich. LONGHAIR AND DOUBLEDOME follows two philosophical cavemen who just dont fit into their prehistoric surroundings. Airing August 4, LOST CAT was created by David Feiss. LOST CAT tells the tall tale of a conniving cat who weasels his way into a loving home by impersonating their lost kitty. Airing August 11, UNCLE GUS was created by Lincoln Pierce. UNCLE GUS follows the journey of a wily unemployed geezer and his rag-tailed bunch of friends as they travel to the zoo to reunite Uncle Gus with his AWOL fiancée. As part of the "Voice Your Choice" competition Cartoon Network's new series SHEEP IN THE BIG CITY will debut on August 11, 2000. SHEEP is a witty toon that follows a skittish sheep who is on the run from his owner Farmer John and a mysterious military agency. The culmination of the "Voice Your Choice Weekend" will come on August 25 when the network will run a 52-hour original programming marathon. The three winners of the competition will join SHEEP IN THE BIG CITY on Cartoon Networks fall schedule.

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