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Cartoon Network Debuts ‘Drawn to Expression’

Celebrating Pride Month, new episode recognizes kidsand families in the LGBTQIA+ community and how they express themselves and their individuality through various creative outlets.

Cartoon Network is celebrating Pride Month with the premiere of “Drawn to Expression,” the latest installment in their Drawn To series, highlighting inspiring LGBTQIA+ kids and families and the ways they express themselves and their individuality through creative outlets such as art, music, and cooking.

“Drawn to Expression” champions the power of creativity and the joy that authentic self-expression brings. The participants featured in the episode aim to empower those around them by freely expressing who they are and sharing their experiences with others in the hopes of creating a more unified and inclusive community for all.

“The Drawn to Expression” graphics were designed by LA-based illustrator and designer, Caleb Boyles. All Drawn To episodes are available on CN, the CN App, and across the network’s social platforms.

Cartoon Network’s content series Drawn To features new installments of monthly vignettes launching throughout the year featuring inspirational stories from real-life kids having fun and sharing common interests such as spending time with family and helping in their communities. The series seeks to elevate these voices, highlight diverse cultures, and provide a glimpse at the passions that bring kids together to celebrate unity and connectivity in a sometimes, uncertain world. Each Drawn To is produced in partnership with local artists to cultivate authentic connections with the topics being discussed.

Source: Cartoon Network