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Cartoon Network and Childline Unveil Original Shorts for Anti-Bullying Initiative

Original animated shorts using the voices of students at London’s Barclay Primary School features 2D characters modelled, rigged and animated in 3D using Maxon Cinema4D.

To mark this year’s National Anti-Bullying Week, Cartoon Network has teamed up with Childline, the NSPCC’s leading U.K. helpline for children and young people, to launch an original series of animated shorts.

The series, which is comprised of six shorts ranging from 30 to 40 seconds in length, features 3D character animation (originally created in 2D), which were modelled, rigged and animated in 3D using Maxon Cinema4D, then composited onto live-action backplates in Adobe After Effects.

The characters are voiced by students of Barclay Primary School, London, and contain genuine, unscripted thoughts of Year 6 children who, in their own words, articulate positive messages around friendship and appreciating differences.

The animations help to launch CN Buddy Network, a nationwide initiative which helps kids and young people take positive action against bullying and offers immediate access to professional advice, relevant tips and support tools online at

The recordings for each animated character were captured after spending one school day with children, who were asked about their feelings on friendships and how they would avoid any of their fellow school friends feeling excluded. More than four hours of audio recordings and the most touching and thought-provoking soundbites made the cut.

“As the Childline reports show, bullying is a very real and, sadly, growing issue for children and young people today,” commented Ian McDonough, SVP and MD, Turner Northern Europe. “Our Cartoon Network audience fall within the prime age group experiencing bullying and it is hugely important for us to address this in a way that is positive, supportive and relevant. This year’s series of bespoke “Be a Buddy” animations make use of real thoughts and commentary from kids, which we hope will be really powerful and engaging for their peers.”

Source: Cartoon Network