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Cartoon Marathons Set for Father's Day

Will fathers want to watch hours of cartoons or are Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon scheduling Father's Day programming marathons to keep the kids busy while dad relaxes in his easy chair? Nick plans to give dads their due on June 15, 2003 from 2-6:00 pm with a new special show of THE ADVENTURES OF JIMMY NEUTRON, BOY GENIUS titled "Make Room for Daddy-O." Jimmy invents a device that alters Hugh's personality, making him the coolest dad in Retroville. Hugh becomes too cool to spend time with his son, so Jimmy must now come up with a last minute solution that will turn Hugh back into the dad he loves in time for Father's Day.

Cartoon Network has a seven-hour tribute, "My Dad's Gone Crazy," to animations' most peculiar pops, from 12-7:00 pm on June 15, featuring an array of animated dads and their crazy antics. Joining the father-centric fray will be Professor Utonium from THE POWERPUFF GIRLS, Fred Flintstone and George Jetson, Dexter's dad and even Eustace from COURAGE THE COWARDLY DOG. The marathon promises lots of dad-jabbing humor kids can enjoy watching with their own fathers.

The schedule is as follows:12:00 pm: DEXTER'S LABORATORY - "Muffin King"/"Another Dad Cartoon"/"Dad is Disturbed"12:30 pm : THE POWERPUFF GIRLS - "Power Professor" 1:00 pm : THE FLINTSTONES -"Daddies Anonymous" 1:30 pm : THE JETSONS - "Elroy's Pal" 2:00 pm : THE POWERPUFF GIRLS - "Supper Villain"/"Pet Feud" 2:30 pm : COURAGE THE COWARDLY DOG - "Shirley the Medium"/ "Cowboy" 3:00 pm : DEXTER'S LABORATORY - "My Dad vs. Your Dad"/"A Dad Cartoon"/"Scare Tactics" 3:30 pm : THE FLINTSTONES - "Fred's Monkeyshines" 4:00 pm : THE POWERPUFF GIRLS - "Cat Man Do"/"Telephonies" 4:30 pm : DEXTER'S LABORATORY -"Ham Hocks 'N Arm Locks"/"A Mom and Dad Cartoon"/"Sports a Poppin'" 5:00 pm : THE JETSONS - "Date with Jet Screamer" 5:30 pm : COURAGE THE COWARDLY DOG - "King Ramses' Curse"/"A Ball of Revenge"/"Poppa Wheelie" 6:00 pm : DEXTER'S LABORATORY - "Better Off Wet"/"Snowdown" 6:30 pm : THE POWERPUFF GIRLS - "Film Flam"