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Cartoon Forum 2022 Spotlights Animation from Spain

The 33rd edition of the TV pitching and co-production conference, running through September 22 in Toulouse, celebrates Spanish animation’s exceptional growth and international success

Cartoon Forum, one of the industry’s most important annual pitching and co-production conferences for animated TV projects, returned to Toulouse for its 33rd edition, Running September 19-22. Since 2017, Cartoon Forum has brought a country or a region into the spotlight to celebrate regional creativity, original styles, or successful approaches to the world of animation, and this year the spotlight shines on Spain. 

Spain’s animation sector has experienced exceptional growth since 2018, with many new companies receiving funding.  The result has been great international successes with films such as: Klaus (2019), Another Day of Life (2018), Buñuel in the Labyrinth of the Turtles (2019), Josep (2020), as well as animation TV series such as Pocoyo and Cleo & Cuquin. Additionally, two Barcelona-based companies are nominated for the 2022 Cartoon Tributes:  Peekaboo Animation for best producer, and Goldbee for best investor/distributor.

Cartoon Forum’s pitching sessions this year included eight Spanish animated TV series.

Variety reports Nico Matji, chairman of Diboos, the Spanish federation of animation producers and VFX production companies stating, “The eight magnificent Spanish series demonstrate the wealth of knowledge and talent Spain has generated since we began to develop the industry in the 60s.”

The Spanish projects at Cartoon Forum 2022:

Bertie’s Brainwaves

Bertie’s imagination is so powerful it can’t be contained. The things he imagines blast out of his brain and become real, transforming the world around him.  Based on the ‘Dirty Bertie’ books that have sold over 1.7 million copies worldwide, Bertie and his best friends are thrown into bizarre adventures.

Produced by In Efecto and co-produced by Flickerpix (United Kingdom).

Best Friends Forever…Stranded!

Frank, a smarty-pants rooster gets stranded on a far-away island along with his loyal pig companion Chops. They create a unique bond with a vegan crocodile named Charli and have crazy and bizarre adventures together.

Produced by Peekaboo Animation.


“Primeras” (Firsts) is an anthological, animated show depicting the life stories of women from around the world who became pioneers in fields that until them, were reserved only for men.

Produced by TV ON Producciones, co-produced by Tippo Creative Lab (Chile).

Mervyn’s Album

10-year-old Mervyn is able to enter the world inside postage stamps. From Tesla to Titanic, dragons to aliens, Mervyn visits everything and everyone ever depicted on stamps.

Produced by Kick the Door Productions, co-produced by BigB (Germany).

My Brother is a T-Rez

Coco is a six-year-old girl who loves to create stories. Together with her messy little brother who happens to be a big, pink, T-Rex, they embark on many adventures to solve problems using imagination and crafts.

Produced by Mr Klaus Animation Studio, co-produced by Lusco Fusco Animation (Portugal).

Polka Dot Zebra

Bella is a zebra who was born with dots instead of stripes. After struggling with self-esteem, the Lunares clan helps her reclaim her pride. Afterwards, Bella dedicates herself to show the world that diversity is natural and that without it, the world would be very boring.

Produced by Sygnatia, co-produced by Bro Cinema (Portugal).

The Little Orchestra

The Little Orchestra is a series that celebrates music. We all love songs... but what are they made from? Why do they make us feel the way they do? It’s all a bit of a puzzle, but don’t worry, The Little Orchestra has come to unravel the mystery!

Produced by Mago Audiovisual Production, co-produced by Apus Animación y Contenido (Peru) and Chucho TV (Uruguay).

Zoey Oceans

Five years ago Zoey's father disappeared at sea, yet the shipment of rubber ducks his ship was carrying has been appearing in the most disparate places of the planet. Zoey keeps her hopes alive that she may one day find her father, and searches for him in her amphibious vehicle.

Produced by Studio Kimchi.

Source: Cartoon Forum

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