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Calon Teams With Osmonds for Animated Film

Independent animation company Calon TV has teamed up with Merrill Osmond, lead singer of the 1970s family music group The Osmonds, to develop an animated movie for TV.

The Welsh independent TV production company, known for the BAFTA-winning preschool animated series HANA'S Helpline, is working to turn Osmond's idea of a mythical horse called SHILOH into a feature-length film. Osmond will perform the film's soundtrack.

Set in the Wild West, SHILOH is the tale of Amy, a young girl left unable to speak when she sees her father die while saving her from under the wheels of a wagon. Loner Amy cares for horses, but no one cares for her until she befriends SHILOH, the horse of local legend and, as a result of their special bond, she saves her equine friend from the clutches of cruel horse traders.

Osmond is now writing the script and soundtrack music for the film along with Mal Pope, a Welsh singer/songwriter who worked with the Calon TV management in the 1980s when he performed the themes to the popular children's animation series FIREMAN SAM and SUPERTED.

When the script is completed Calon TV will be looking for financial backing for the project. In February, Calon TV's MD Robin Lyons and commercial director Huw Walters will be seeking backing for the movie at KidScreen Summit in New York.