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CalArts Holds 48 Hour Lockdown

The 2013 edition of the CalArts 48 Hour Lockdown animation challenge yields two hours of content and nearly 70 animations.

CalArts holds a yearly film festival, called the 48 Hour Lockdown, which challenges its students to create animated shorts based off a theme or key word in just two days.

Back in November, more than 70 School of Film/Video students participated in the 2013 edition of the filmmaking challenge. In the annual (and semi-underground) student-run event, filmmakers have 48 hours to make a short film either by themselves or with collaborators. (While the majority of films are created by students from the Character or Experimental Animation programs, the Lockdown is open to all.)

Rich with possibilities, the theme for 2013 was simply “duck.” Held November 16-17, the filmmaking event yielded over two hours of content and nearly 70 animations, many of which can be viewed online on the 48 Hour Films Vimeo channel.

Charles Hodgkins, a fourth-year student in the Character Animation Program, served as coordinator. “There’s no competition, just a celebration of the process,” he states. “It’s a very high-energy event. Everyone’s helping each other out in order to finish these things in an insanely short amount of time.

“There are first-year students making their very first film (I did that my first year), and experienced animators making professional-looking work. In this way, the show is really diverse and fun to watch. You never know what the next film is going to bring to the table.”

Abduckted by Seth Boyden

Duck Duck by Matthew Yang

La Vie by Sandeepan Chanda

The Quack by Monica Ekabutr

Duck Cycle by Ryan Jouas

Magic Girl Mallory by Val Schwarz

Puptato by Madeleine Mathis

Ducks Are Dicks by Tervero Knapp Jones

Duck Face by Yonatan Tal

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