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CAKE To Launch Fresh TV’s Brand New ‘Total Drama’ Series at MIPCOM

‘Total Dramarama,’ the much-anticipated prequel to the multi-award winning franchise, is produced by Fresh TV in association with TELETOON and Cartoon Network.

LONDON -- Kids entertainment specialist CAKE is set to launch Total Dramarama, the much-anticipated prequel to the multi-award winning Total Drama franchise at MIPCOM.

Aimed at 6-11 year-olds, Total Dramarama (52 x 11 minutes) will re-introduce favorite cast members like loveable Owen and uptight Courtney ageing them down from teenagers to toddlers. With the characters we know and love, the cast may be pint-sized but their fully-formed teen personalities make them wise beyond their years as they unleash a tirade of destruction on an unassuming Chef, who quickly retreats to his staff room when the going gets tough.

Produced by Fresh TV, in association with TELETOON and Cartoon Network, Total Drama is distributed internationally by CAKE and has aired in over 260 countries. Total Dramarama premiered in the U.S. on Cartoon Network on September 1, and will air in Canada on TELETOON this Sunday, October 7 at 6:30PM.

A multi-award winning franchise from creators Tom McGillis and Jennifer Pertsch, Total Drama first hit screens in 2007 with Total Drama Island. The first animated reality series for tweens, it was an instant hit and ten years later, continues to generate high ratings, garnering a huge fan following from all over the world.

“For Total Dramarama, we decided to throw out logic and instead of a reality show competition, we now have a workplace comedy -- set in a daycare,” said McGillis. “We’ve aged our famous cast down from sixteen to four years old – and the results are hilarious!”

Total Dramarama is a completely new take on what is a very successful franchise,” said CAKE CCO & managing director Ed Galton. “With fresh ideas and hilarious storylines, the series is aimed at a younger demographic and we are looking forward to introducing this totally random and sensational show to a brand new audience.”

Source: CAKE